Tyler Hidrogo May 05, 2015 New Site Shout Outs

RibCageBags have hit the market!

Rib Cage Bags are the new modern punching bags that will revolutionize the industry. Anyone who has ever hit a bag or trained with one will tell you they get very hard and take its toll on your body parts being used. This bag will offer a better experience and state of the art design behind the rib cage structure. The rib cage structure allows for a softer impact on the hand, leg, and joints, which will not leave you soar after a workout.

Doing this website for RibCageBags was awesome because it was a redesign from an old site that didn’t get much traffic. Graphically it lacked images and content really explaining the detail about the bags and why they are so beneficial. Setting everything up to work properly and function the way the owner wanted was huge for getting this product out there for everyone to know more about. The time frame in which we were shooting for worked out just right to have the bags ready and in stock for customers waiting to get there hands on this product… (literally).


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